Sikeston DPS Mobile Command Center takes part in Region E HSRT training

Sikeston DPS Mobile Command Center takes part in Region E HSRT training


Officers with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety were among emergency personnel that came together on Saturday in Bollinger County to train in a search and rescue scenario.

The Missouri Region E Homeland Security Response Team (HSRT), which is made up of Sikeston Department of Public Safety, Cape Girardeau Fire, Jackson Fire and Stoddard County EMS, conducted search and rescue training at the Castor River Conservation Area, near Marble Hill, Missouri.

In heavily-wooded areas, such as the Castor River Conservation Area, it would not be uncommon for an individual to get lost while hunting or walking in the woods. The dense trees and difficult terrain make it tough for a small group to find someone who is missing. The Region E HSRT offers not only equipment but much needed personnel to local law enforcement looking for the missing person or persons.

As part of the training, the Sikeston Mobile Command Center was utilized. The Mobile Command Center is a roving communications center that helps keep public safety personnel connected and communicating as they respond to events, support regional activities and work to save lives.

“When cell service or internet is limited, that’s where the mobile command unit comes in,” said Capt. Ryan Smith of Sikeston DPS.

When the Region E HSRT is providing help to an area with little to no cell service or no internet, the Mobile Command Center is utilized. The Mobile Command Center offers satellite and internet access, as well as radio and video capabilities to improve communication.

The HSRT trains monthly if not more. Smith said they are involved with not just search and rescue but also with structural collapse, grain bin rescue, rope rescue, water rescue, hazardous materials calls, along with other scenarios.

The Region E HSRT serves a 13-county area, and Smith said it is important for the area to know it is an available resource.

Besides the actual training, events like Saturday help to show other emergency agencies what services the Region E HSRT can provide.

“We want people to know they can contact us. Like in the Marble Hill area,” Smith said. “Don’t hesitate to call.”

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