Emergency Management

Emergency Management Information

Emergency Information is broadcast
twice an hour on two Withers Broadcasting
radio stations at the top of the hour and 30 minutes after.
Star 107.1 FM or B97.9 FM

Image of a tornadoDisasters do occur. We live in an area that is prone to tornadoes. The New Madrid earthquake produced the most violent series of earthquakes in North America with its epicenter about 20 miles from here. The late seventies saw severe winter weather in this area. Basic services were next to impossible to obtain because of blocked roads. Numerous power outages occurred because of the demand for heat. Every day trucks and trains carry thousands of tons of hazardous material through this area.

For this reason, the City of Sikeston has provided the following:

Citizen Disaster Handbook
Members of the Sikeston Department of Public Safety are committed to the health and welfare of its citizens.  The department has a disaster plan to assist you and has prepared a handbook for citizens to download and print for future reference and to share with family members and friends.  Download the handbook.

The information in this handbook has been made available so that the citizens of Sikeston and the surrounding area may have a guide to assist them in planning for an emergency and coping with that emergency after it occurs. This is not meant to replace a common sense approach to dealing with specific problems. However, it is meant to give you a base upon which you can prepare for your specific needs. It also is meant to give you alternatives to assist you in your daily living if and when the normal methods are no longer available. 

Please feel free to copy or print this information and use it as a guide to develop an emergency plan for you and your family. Keep it in a place that you will be able to readily find it. Do not wait until the disaster occurs. Updates will be posted from time to time on this web site. Please keep your plan up to date.

Emergency Audible Alert System
This system is to audibly alert the citizens of Sikeston who may be outdoors when the National Weather Service indicates a tornado by radar or a tornado has been spotted and confirmed by DPS personnel.  This alert system is also designed be utilized for other emergency situations as it is capable of transmitting verbal directions.  For a more detailed description click here to jump to the Emergency Audible Alert System page.