Adopt-A-Road Program

Adopt-a-Road Program

The Adopt-A-Road Program is an anti-litter campaign intended to promote a volunteer spirit and community pride in the City of Sikeston. It allows citizens, organizations and church or civic groups to work in partnership with the City by"adopting"a segment of roadway and agreeing to keep it clean. This program offers individuals and groups a way to contribute to their community and generate publicity for their efforts. Every participant in this program makes a positive impact on the appearance of their streets and their community.  Together we can make a difference and be "Sikeston Proud"!

The City of Sikeston's Street Department will provide trash bags for their cleanup events and pick up the full bags left along the route, as well as post signs recognizing volunteer groups along adopted roadway sections. 

Safety rules are important to protect participants during cleanup events. Rules that volunteers must follow include:

  • Wearing safety vests at all times.
  • Placing a “Volunteer Litter Crew Ahead” warning sign facing traffic ahead of the work area.
  • Cleaning only one side of the road at a time and facing oncoming traffic.
  • Refraining from wearing headphones while working.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing, namely pants, thick-soled shoes or boots, and gloves.
  • Performing cleanup activities during daylight hours and when weather has good visibility.

To participate in the Adopt-a-Road program, you must compete an application which is available by clicking here or they can be picked up at City Hall, 105 E. Center St.  Once completed (you can fill out the application online), you can email the form to or drop it off at City Hall.  If you have any additional questions or need more information, contact Street Supervisor Darren Martin at 573-475-3732. Their office will contact you once the application is approved.

Although most streets are available for cleanup, below are the most visible streets that reflect an eyesore to visitors of our community:Sign.City of Sikeston Adopt-A-Road

  • North Ingram from Highway HH to Kennedy Dr.
  • South Illinois from Ables Rd. to County Line Rd.
  • South Ingram from Helen to Col. George E Day Blvd.
  • Col. George E Day Blvd from Pollard to South Main
  • Blunt Ave. from Blue Ridge Ln. to Col. George e Day Blvd.
  • School St. from Stallcup Dr. to Murray Ln.
  • Murray Ln. from New Madrid St. to South West Ave.
  • Butler Ave. from Vaughn Ave. to Carroll Ave (the ditch that runs along Butler would be a great part of this clean up)
  • Compress Rd. from Sunset Ave. to North West Ave.

The following families, businesses or organizations are currently participating in the City of Sikeston's Adopt-A-Road Program:

Adams Family:  Stallcup Dr. (S. Main to School St.) 

Adams Family:  S. Ingram (Ables Road to Helen St.) 

Adams Family:  Salcedo Road (Plaza Dr. to N. Ingram)

Belinda White:  Dixie St. (North St. to Osage)

Bootheel Counseling Services:  Campanella (Linn to Gehrig)

Catherine Turner:  North St. (Alabama St. to Sunset Dr.)

City of Sikeston Employees:  Linn St. (Pine to Selma)

Darren & Tina Lowe:  Col. George E. Day (Pollard to S. Ingram)  

Dawn Simmons/Tina Lowe:  Ralph (Malone Ave. to Betty)

Dawn Simmons/Tina Lowe:  Wakefield (North West to Davis)

Falisha Winston:  North Ingram (Linn to Athens)

Hilary Kruger:  North Ingram (Kennedy Drive to Rodeo Grounds)

James Gibson:  Petty St. (Osage to West North)

Patti Kenser:  Hennings (Cinema Drive to Lawrence Drive)  

Phyllis Luna:  North St. (Petty St. to West North St.)

Rhonda Council:  Luther St. (North St. to Compress Road)

Rita Savage:  Alabama St. (Osage to North St.)  

Sarah Koch:  Campanella (By Shelter #3)

Shady Acres Church of Christ Youth Group:  Ables Road (Shady Lane to AA Hwy)

Sue Grant:  Compress Road (Petty St. to North West St.)

Sue Grant:  Petty St. (Compress to North St.)

Terry Robinson:  Murray Lane (Jaycee St. to Kiwanis)

Terry Schneider:  N. Ingram Road (Highway HH to the Rodeo Grounds)  

Tetra Pak Employees:  E. Salcedo Road (N. Main to Plaza Drive)

Venita Mosley:  John R. Blvd. (Ann to William St.)