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Application for FY2018 Justice Assistance Grant

The City of Sikeston (Department of Public Safety) is submitting an application for the FY2018 Justice Assistance Grant funding for the City of Sikeston Department of Public Safety project which will provide Digital Data Storage for Sikeston’s on officer body worn cameras and related camera and radio accessories.   The grant amount based on part one crime is set at $14,521 with 3 % ($435.63) to be applied to becoming National Incident Based Reporting System compliant before 2021. 

The digital data storage will allow for secure storage of body camera video, maintained by a third party. 

If you have comment’s, questions, or concerns related to this project or the grant application, please forward them by e-mail to publicsafety@sikeston.org.

11/06/2013 Traffic Enforcement Increased at Two Sikeston schools from 3pm-4pm.  Illegal Parking in Line

Sikeston DPS has received several complaints from parents and nearby residents concerning student pick-up at two local schools.  Motorists are complaining of the increased risk of a vehicle accident because of illegally parked parents waiting to pick up their child from Southeast Elementary and Lee Hunter Elementary.

Recently, the city of Sikeston was made aware of this danger and erected a “no parking here to corner” sign on Ables road, just west of Glenn Drive.  Traffic waiting in line sometimes parks illegally alongside Ables road up to Glenn Drive.  Being so close to the intersection, this obscures the vision of motorists who are pulling out from Glenn Drive.  Drivers can’t see around the illegally parked vehicles to pull safely onto Ables Road.  

Illegal Parking in LineThe city addressed a similar problem at Baker Lane and Davis, near Lee Hunter Elementary.   Again, the city erected a “no parking here to corner” sign on Davis just south of Baker Lane and one on Baker Lane just east of Davis.  In both instances these signs help clear the field of view so a motorist doesn’t have to blindly pull out into the intersection. 

For some time, Sikeston DPS has pointed out the sign to violators and asked them to move, hoping for future compliance.  In addition to blocking the view of oncoming traffic, motorists are treating the line as a second lane and not yielding to vehicular traffic approaching from behind. 

Illegal Parking in LineUnfortunately, asking for compliance has not solved this issue so we are trying to create awareness.  Over the next few days you will see officers monitoring these intersections and taking enforcement action to violators.  We intend to start issuing warnings but at some point citations may be necessary.  This is a real public safety issue and we have a duty to make these intersections safe for motorists and the children using these crosswalks. 

Please do your part. If possible, motorists are asked avoid these congested areas from 3pm to 4pm.  If you are in line to pick up your child, adhere to the no parking signs and yield to the passing vehicles when you pull forward. In addition, we ask that you do not block residential driveways or intersections while you are in line.    

Thank you. 

CODE RED - Sikeston's Emergency Notification System
Area residents are asked to participate in the city’s “Code RED” system.

A couple of years ago Sikeston DPS put the “Code RED” Emergency Notification System in place for the City. Since that time this system has been used to help provide emergency information to local residents. This ultra high-speed telephone communication system was used extensively during the 2009 Ice Storm to relay emergency information to our citizens.

The “Code RED” system is capable of dialing 60,000 telephone numbers in less than an hour. This system will then deliver our recorded message to any phone that is registered in the system, leaving messages if no one answers. The notification system can issue a city-wide alert or target affected areas of the City by street or block.Click HERE to sign up for CodeRED Emergency Notification System

Citizens of Sikeston can register several of their phone numbers, including cellular phones. Every Citizen is encouraged to complete a “Code RED” Community Notification Enrollment to receive these emergency notifications. To register, visit Sikeston’s Web page at www.sikeston.org and click the “Code RED” link to sign up. Your information will remain completely private and will only be used to notify you of critical situations such as our recent flooding situation.

The city will depend on this notification system a little more now that our tornado warning/siren system is obsolete. We use this notification system to notify citizens for a variety of reasons such as tornados, severe weather, drinking water contamination, utility outages, evacuation notices and routes, missing persons, fires or floods, bomb threats, hostage situations, chemical spills or gas leaks, other natural disasters or road closures.

There are many situations where this program would be very beneficial to our residents, but you can’t receive the emergency information if you aren’t registered. Please visit www.sikeston.org and click the “Code RED” image in the lower right hand corner.