Walking Trails/Tracks

JR Trailblazers SpringSikeston is host to several walking trails and tracks, which are located throughout the city.  The walking trails are listed below along with their length in miles:

Sikeston Recreation Complex/Veterans Park Trail (501 Campanella Drive):  1.51 mile paved trail for walkers, runners and cyclists with exercise stations around the lake.

R.S. Matthews Park (1101 Col. George E. Day Parkway):  .5+ mile chat track

Mary Lou Montgomery Park (300 S. Illinois Ave.):  .4 mile chat track

Roberta Rowe Park (937 Washington St.):  .25 mile chat track

Lincoln Park (900 W. North St.):  .49 mile paved trail

Sikeston High School Track (Ingram & Ables Road):  400 meter rubberized track

7th & 8th Grade Center (510 Lindenwood):  .25 mile chat track with exercise stations

For more information on our walking trails or other park facilities located in the City of Sikeston, please click here or call 573-475-3725.


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