Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Committee



The Sikeston Parks and Recreation Department has many different volunteer programs and opportunities for your participation.

Many of our community parks have volunteer opportunities in areas such as athletic programs, general park operations and recreational needs.

Please read ahead for more information about our volunteer types and opportunities!



These volunteers assist our park staff with day-to-day operations of our facilities and ongoing programs. Their assistance helps keep our parks running smoothly and efficiently. Examples may include: trash pick-up, mulch distribution, bathroom sanitation, Community Services Building set-up and take-down.


The majority of our seasonal volunteers are usually coaches, or officials, for sports programs that are facilitated by outside organizations. However, referees ad umpires are often needed for small-size tournaments or leagues. These volunteers come back almost every season to help with the programs they love.


Student volunteers are able to assist in various park programs and functions to satisfy community service hours for their course/school requirements. This also includes members of scouting organizations that need to complete a community service project. Year-round projects are always available to assist with students' hour requirements.


Group volunteers are members of organizations, such as schools, churches, Boy/Girl Scouts, or businesses. These groups usually conduct specific community service projects that enhance our facilities. Groups may also be interested in our Adopt-A-Park Program.


These volunteers assist with specific events at our parks and only for a short period of time – generally no more than three days. Some events do require volunteers to have a background check prior to volunteering.


The City of Sikeston has set forth certain requirements for volunteers that each City department must adhere to. In compliance with these requirements, the Sikeston Parks and Recreation Department requires that volunteers must be registered, complete a background check and record all volunteer hours. An application is provided at the end of this section. 


Every potential volunteer must complete the Volunteer Application. The application can be at the end of this section or in digital form by email request to alindsey@sikeston.org. The application should be returned to Abbi Lindsey at the Clinton Building in person or by mail: 501 Campanella Dr, Sikeston, MO 63801.

All potential volunteers will be provided with a digital copy of the Volunteer Manual, which explains the guidelines and policies pertaining to volunteers, and will be required to sign a form indicating receipt of the Volunteer Manual.


Because we interact with the public in our operations, including children and seniors, every volunteer applicant must pass a background check prior to the start of their service with the Department. The background check consists of a criminal history report. Failure to disclose a conviction that has not been dismissed on the application will be grounds for dismissal, or rejection of the application.

Upon the completion and submittal of the Volunteer Application, the application will be sent to the Human Resources Department of the City of Sikeston. The applicant must present photo identification when submitting their application in person or a copy of it if the application is mailed. Acceptable forms of identification are a Missouri Driver License, Missouri State ID, or other government issued identification, such as a Passport within date.


Volunteers are required to sign in and out when they arrive at or leave their assigned facility. This requirement is not only for time keeping purposes, but also for accountability in case of emergency. In addition, the volunteer should keep a separate record of their volunteer hours.


Please email alindsey@sikeston.org for an application.  Applications may be returned via email to alindsey@sikeston.org, in person/via mail to Abbi Lindsey, 501 Campanella Dr, Sikeston, MO 63801. 

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