Sikeston City Council actions June 17, 2024

Sikeston City Council actions June 17, 2024

Sikeston City Council awarded bids for residential debris removal at a meeting held Monday, June 17, 2024, after a tornado damaged Sikeston on May 26.

 The bid documents were developed using SEMA guidelines for bidding and divided town into six different sections and contractors were allowed to bid on each section of town individually. There were seven bids with most contractors bidding on all sections of town.

Asmus Trucking, LLC, of Benton, Missouri, was awarded the bid for the North Section of Sikeston ($5,600) and S.E. Section #1 ($6,800) while Murdock Excavation & Tree Service of Sikeston was awarded the S.W. Section #3 ($10,800). Southern Tree Care, LLC, of Caruthersville, Missouri, was awarded the bid for S.W. Section #1 ($4,500), S.W. Section #2 ($13,600) and S.E. Section #2 ($14,200).

The debris removal will include just moving debris from the right-of-way to the curb.

Officials were asked at the meeting about Sikeston being declared a disaster area by SEMA and FEMA. Sikeston Finance Director Amanda Groves said the city has been working with SEMA since the tornado hit on May 26 and that FEMA did a site review on all damages, but the process is ongoing.

“It takes time,” Groves said. “We’re just waiting at this point.”

Sikeston City Manager Jonathan Douglass added that the city has no idea if FEMA will help or not but felt the city needed to go ahead and help individual residents remove debris from their properties.

Debris Map