Board of Adjustments actions, March 25, 2024

Board of Adjustments actions, March 25, 2024

The Board of Adjustments approved a request from the South Scott County Ambulance District for a two-foot height variance for a fence to be located at 202 Lillian Drive.

Bobby Wallace, assistant director of South Scott County Ambulance District, said he wants the eight-foot chain link fence to enhance the security of the building and their employees. He said they have had an issue with people getting into their vehicles, approaching female workers at night, and even trying to cook on their grill.

Glenna Merrell of 207 Lillian was at the meeting to oppose the fence as well as Johnny Long of 211 Lillian. Merrell also had a letter of opposition from her son, who lives at 205 Lillian.

Merrell said the fence would make the area “look like a prison.”

Merrell and Long were told that by the current city code, a six-foot fence could be built without a variance. The variance was just for the extra two feet in height.

The Board voted unanimously in favor of the variance.