LCRA board discusses upcoming tax sale

LCRA board discusses upcoming tax sale

(Aug. 22, 2023) -- The Scott County Tax Sale was discussed during the Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority board meeting Monday at Sikeston City Hall. 

Sikeston Community Development Director Barry Blevins and LCRA Chairman Dan Marshall went over the list of properties with the intent to purchase some at the tax sale Aug. 28. The LCRA obtains properties that fit certain criteria with the hopes of selling that property to interested individuals/groups who will care for the properties. 

The board authorized Marshall to go to the tax sale and purchase some of the properties that meet the LCRA criteria. 

The board also approved spending up to $20,000 for Blevins and city employees to rent a truck and clean up large debris at LCRA properties across the city. “Part of our responsibility is to keep our properties up,” Marshall said. 

During the meeting the board also: 

  • Approved a bid for 319 Dixie from Valerie Critten Stewart for $1,000. 
  • Approved a bid for 213 Ruth from Ruth Allen for $500. 
  • Approved a bid for 110 Ruth from Kenneth Holmes for $250. 
  • Gifted 1721 Ford to Andrew Pullen. Pullen has maintained and made several improvements to the property, at no cost to the LCRA or city, over the last year. 
  • Discussed completed sales and other sales waiting on buyers. 
  • Discussed an ongoing issue with the Ruth Compound.