Council Actions - June 7, 2021

During yesterday’s Council meeting, the following actions took place:

Approved Bill 6225, amending the FY21 budget to reflect overages as a result of activities since the budget’s original adoption in June 2020.
Approved Bill 6223, which reflects the funding for the FY22 budget.  Updated changes include $305,700 budgeted for improvements at Dansler Field and $135,000 for the purchase and installation of a splash pad at Lincoln Park.
Approved Bill 6222, establishing the staffing and compensation levels for FY22.  Staffing will consist of 128 full time employees, 16 part-time and 32 seasonal.  Changes to the staffing ordinance include:
  • The Collector has had a fulltime contractual employee for numerous years. This was reclassified to a full-time employee to improve turnover for the position.
  • Three seasonal mowers have been assigned to the Community Development Department for seasonal mowing. In prior years, only two positions were utilized.  The third position was transferred to the Street Division in Public Works.
  • Additional seasonal workers were added for concessions due to tournaments.
  • A $2,000 increase was given to fulltime employees.
  • Entry level pay for communications officers increased an additional $1/hour to improve retention and attract applicants.
  • A skilled worker was added to Street Division and Park Division.
  • A maintenance position was added to assist the Building Maintenance Supervisor.
Approved Bill 6226, authorizing the issuance of Chapter 100 industrial revenue bonds up to $85,000,000 for Carlisle Construction Materials and approved the necessary plans, documents and other actions in connection with the issuance of the bonds.  Under these agreements the company, not the city, has the obligation to repay these bonds, but the issuance of them allows the company to access the tax incentives set forth in the Development Agreement.
Approved Bill 6229, which authorizes and direct the issuance, sale and delivery of Special Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bonds, Series 2021, of the City of Sikeston.  Approximately $13,560,000 would be used for an Ingram overpass and outer road connecting to U.S. Highway 61, South Industrial Park infrastructure and refinancing the Department of Public Safety facility.  Some of these expenditures will be reimbursed to the City through grants.  The City is required to pay expenses and then request reimbursement.
Approved renewing the contract of City Prosecuting Attorney Kye Lawrence at the fee of $32,000 per year.  This contract does not include an increase.
Approved renewing the contract of Municipal Court Judge Frank Marshall at the fee of $30,000 per year.  This contract does not include an increase but does allow for a 60-day cancellation notice should the City Council vote to transfer the municipal court to the circuit courts.
Approved the authorization of executing the engineering services contract with Waters Engineering for the design and inspection of improvements related to the outer road between Main St. (U.S. 61) and the new South Ingram overpass for Project Armor. 
Awarded Bid 21-43 to G&C Contracting of Perryville, MO in the amount of $59,802.50 to replace drainage pipes for 7 locations into Lateral C of St. John’s Bayou.  Locations of these pipes are on Andrea, Brenda, Cottonwood and Charlotte Drive.
Approved the purchase of a 2021 combination sewer truck from E J Equipment of Manteno, IL in the amount of $355,456.00.  This is a demo truck with a purchase price of $395,456.00.  They have offered $40,000 to trade in the 1998 model we currently have and this brings the asking price to $355,456.
Other Items:
Citizen inquired about the use of fireworks in City limits during the 4th of July holiday.  Currently, fireworks are sold but not allowed to be used.  Council suggested putting this issue on the ballot and let the citizens vote on it.  Staff will check into this option. 
With no further action taken, the meeting as adjourned into Executive Session (property).  A special Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 24 at noon.  The next regular Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 28th at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.