Council Actions - February 1, 2021

During yesterday’s Council meeting, the following actions took place:
After lengthy discussions from citizens concerning their high Board of Municipal Utility (BMU) bill, Mayor Burch instructed BMU staff to have a board meeting as soon as possible to discuss the issues that were brought to their attention and report their findings back to Council during the next meeting on February 22nd.
Approved the surplus of a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe from the Department of Public Safety.  This vehicle has over 120,000 miles and is in a state of disrepair.
Approved Department of Public Safety (DPS) to purchase project items associated with the Mobile Command Vehicle with funding from the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities (LETPA) Grant.  Projects include the upgrade of current phone system, upgrade of current camera system and one year of continued satellite connectivity for communications on the truck.  Total cost of all projects is $66,207.00.  The grant amount awarded to Sikeston DPS is $67,788.00.  This is a 100% funded grant and will require no match from the City of Sikeston.
Sikeston Parks & Recreation would like to host Corporate Games this year to make up for last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19.  Information packets with registration and event dates are scheduled to be sent out February 2 to companies who are interested in participating.  The registration deadline is Friday, March 5 with the first event scheduled for May 27.  Seeking advice on whether to proceed with this year’s event, Council advised staff to base their decision on the response they get during the registration period.
With no further action taken, the meeting was adjourned.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 22 at 5:00 p.m. at the Clinton Building with social distancing and mask requirement.