Council Actions - January 6, 2020

During yesterday’s Council meeting, the following actions were taken:
Approved Bill #6162, calling for the April 7, 2020 General Election.
Approved Bill #6176, Economic Development Incentive Rate, which provides an incentive rate to help entice businesses to locate or expand in Missouri.  It is the BMU Board’s intention that Sikeston remain competitive with other areas of the State.
Tabled Bill #6177, Rental Lighting Rate.
Approved Bill #6171, Definitions-Utility Vehicles.  This bill will bring the City’s code book up to date for the description of “Utility Vehicle” according to State Statute.
Tabled Bill #6165, authorizing the use of Utility Vehicles in the City of Sikeston.

Approved Bill #6172, authorizing the placement of stop signs on Huntress at Brunt and Valley Forge at Brunt.

Approved Bill #6174, which will prohibit parking on Larcel Drive from US Highway 61 West to the end of Larcel Drive on both sides of the road.

Approved Bill #6175, adding Arthur Street from N. West Street to Wakefield Avenue as part of the designated school zone.

Approved Bill #6178, which would allow condemned properties to have a boarding process in place as part of the property maintenance code.

Conducted 1st reading of Bill #6179, Amending Hours of Operation for Entertainment/Amusement Businesses.  This will extend the hours of operation to midnight through the week and keep it at 1:30 A.M. on Friday and Saturday nights.

Reappointed Susan Howle Werner to the Scott County Extension Council.

Approved the purchase of ten (10) sets of firefighter turnout gear from Feld Fire Equipment in the amount of $31,640.00.

Approved the purchase of 25 sections of 100 foot length 5 inch fire hose in the amount of $19,237.50 from Mercedes Brand Fire Hose.

Conducted first reading of Emergency Bill #6180, 60 West TIF District Amendments.  Cotton Ridge Development is requesting amendment to the agreements so that the TIF revenues above the scheduled debt service during the May distribution are distributed to the developers rather than the City. The effect of this change is to extend the City’s payback period from 10 years back to the original 15 year projection. The City will still receive full reimbursement from TIF revenues for the City’s investment in the infrastructure.

Conducted first reading of Bill #6166, authorizing the sale of fireworks in the City of Sikeston.

Approved the authorization to negotiate and execute an amended lease agreement with Buchheit.  In exchange for $62,021 worth of verified expenditures for repairs to the Essex Building, the City would forgive the rent on the south building ($3,015 a month) to cover this amount until paid in full.  The City would still collect rent on the north building in the amount of $3,000 a month.

Approved the CY2020 Street & Drainage Improvement Program.

There being no other items, the meeting was adjourned into Executive Session. 
Next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 27th at 7:30 a.m.