Council Actions - September 10, 2018

During yesterday’s Council meeting, the following actions were taken:
A.  Approved Bill #6115, BMU electric rate increase.  Phase 1 rate increase is effective October 1, 2018.
B.  Approved Bill #6122, BMU sanitary sewer rate increase.  Phase 1 rate increase is effective January 1, 2019.
C.  Approved Bill #6123, BMU water rate increase.  Phase 1 rate increase is effective January 1, 2019.  Mayor Burch requested BMU to issue a year over year report at the last Council meetings in August each year, starting next year, to give a public update on BMU’s activities.
D.  The following individuals were appointed to City’s boards and commission:
            Board of Adjustments:  Harvey Cooper
            Board of Appeals:  Michael Limbaugh, Reade Ferguson
            Board of Municipal Utilities:  Appointment tabled until next meeting
            Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board:  Britt McConnell
            Housing Authority Board:  Harry Howard, Gordon Waller
            LCRA:  Matthew Wright
            Park Board:  Ellen Brandom, Jared Straton, Charlotte York
            Planning & Zoning:  Gordon Jones, Larry Hancock
            Public Safety Advisory Board:  Jeff Hay, David Teachout
            Rental Ordinance Appeals Board:  Bobby Tyrone, Carrie Lape, Michael Harris
            Sikeston Pet & Animal Welfare Services Advisory Board:  Madeline Bell, Megan McGill-Knight, Heather Greene
            Tax Increment Finance Commission:  Nathan Cox, Matt Wright
            Tourism Advisory Board:  Phil Boyer, Aaron Boldrey
            Traffic Committee:  Anna Warf, Jim McClure, Emory McCauley, Fred Thornton, Missy Marshall
            SEMO University – Sikeston Campus Advisory Board:  Trisha Bill, Jeff Hay, Carolyn Harris, Agnes Mason, Mike Ziegenhorn
E.  A review of the City of Sikeston’s final 2017 Underwriting Year Experience Package has resulted in the city being able to receive a $125,000 profit distribution check.  This is due in part to employees taking initiative in their health care
choices and also three years with no increase in health premiums.
F.  Conducted first reading of Bill #6113, Operation of Golf Carts within the City of Sikeston.  The bill includes several regulations in order for golf carts to be allowed on city streets, including law enforcement authorization to take action if deemed necessary.
G.  Conducted first and second reading of Bill #6121, approval of state block grant agreement and airport layout plan for Project 18-077B-1.  This emergency bill will allow the execution of a cost share agreement between the City of Sikeston and the Missouri Department of Transportation/Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission for the purpose of an airport layout plan update.  The grant amount shall not exceed $42,000 and the matching funds shall not exceed $4,000.
H.  City Manager Douglass briefed Council on the final phase of the wayfinding/monument signs for the City of Sikeston.  All wayfinding signs are in place, leaving the monument signs needing to be installed.  Potential locations for these signs were the railroad right-of-way near the Sikeston/Miner city limits (west of Edwards Ave. near MoDOT maintenance yard) and in Matthews Park facing westbound on Highway 60/Future I-57 traffic.  Because of other possible locations that may be considered, this item was tabled for further review. 
I.  Awarded field lighting contract to MUSCO Lighting in the amount of $34,000 for the purchase and installation of Control-Link Cabinets for the baseball and softball fields at the Complex.  The Control-Link Cabinet is designed for the field lights to be set on timers which Parks staff can control without having users needing to be inside the control room of the concession stands.
J.  Public Works Director Lancaster briefed Council on the revised New Madrid County flood plain map.  According to SEMA’s updated map, areas in the southern portion of Sikeston which were added to the floodplain as part of the February update have been removed.
K.  Approved the renewal of the land lease contract for the Brown’s airport hangar.
L.  MoDOT will be accepting applications for the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).  These are projects for bicycle/pedestrian facilities and/or ADA improvements to existing facilities.  The applications are due November 2, 2018 and they must seek a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $400,000 and projects must have a 20% match or more.  Some items of possible consideration for the City of Sikeston to submit include:  Rail to Trail-Phase 2, Safe Route to School-North West Street (Salcedo to Malone), Recreation Trail-along Salcedo Road, and Downtown Revitalization-Phase 2.  Council asked to table this item for future discussion and authorization.


There being no other items, the meeting was adjourned into Executive Session.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 24th at 11:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.