Council Actions - March 26, 2018

During last night’s Council meeting, the following actions were taken:
A.  Public Works Director Jay Lancaster gave a brief overview of the Scott County Floodplain project.  He indicated that during the open house conducted prior to the Council meeting, positive feedback was received from the people he has spoken with about the floodplain.  Once all questionnaires have been received, comments summarized and FEMA paperwork completed, Dr. Charles Patterson from Allgeier & Martin estimates that it will take 6-9 months before the floodplain map is finalized and effective.
B.  Conducted 1st Reading of Bill #6091, amending the net metering service requirements for eligible customers that own and operate a solar, wind or bio mass generating facility or hydrogen fuel cell.  This amendment is required to match the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act. 
C.  Conducted 1st Reading of Bill #6089, Re-adoption of Fair Housing Policy.  This annual re-adoption is required to maintain compliance with State CDBG funding requirements and is created to eliminate discrimination to any person obtaining housing in the City of Sikeston.
D.  Council approved Bill #6086, taxicab services amended.  Along with proper signage on taxicabs and obtaining a background check for persons operating a taxicab, they also must provide a certificate of insurance coverage.
E.  Jay Lancaster and Dustin Care gave a review of projects that have been completed in the parks and recreation department along with projects they are currently working on as well as future projects.  The Parks & Recreation department were commended for the work they have performed to date for improvements in our parks.
F.  MoDOT has proposed taking over the maintenance and ownership of the section of Salcedo Road between Main and Kingshighway and re-designating Route Y in exchange for the City of Sikeston taking over ownership and maintenance of the North Outer Road of US 60 between Ashley and Route AA.  No action was taken.
G.  Council approved a three year contract with Eastern Aviation Fuels, Inc. to provide fuel and a fuel truck for Sikeston’s Memorial Airport. 
H.  Council authorized to approve the proposal from Allgeier Martin in the amount of $15,000 for stormwater study in the Anderson/Applegate area.
I.  Council awarded bid 18-10, CY-18 Street Improvement Program, to Apex Paving in the amount of $322,155.55.  This project is for the milling and overlaying of Kingshighway Street from Greer Street to South Main Street.  And it also includes replacing the curb ramps at the street intersections along Kingshighway to be compliant with ADA requirements.
J.  Council approved Emergency Bill #6092, the annexation of South Industrial Park into the City of Sikeston.
K.  Council approved Emergency Bill #6093, the annexation of property owned by Colen Kelly to be annexed into Sikeston.
L.  MoDOT has asked the City for approval to build a driveway entrance from East Malone Avenue across the railroad right-of-way into their maintenance facility.  This request has been tabled for further discussion.
M.  Other Items:
          The Council Reorganizational Meeting has been scheduled for Monday, April 16th at 8:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.
There being no other items, the meeting was adjourned into Executive Session for Security and Property.  The Regular Council meeting for April 2nd has been cancelled in lieu of a Council Retreat Meeting.