New Trash Toters for Sonny's Solid Waste Residential Customers

Sonny's Solid Waste has implemented a new trash pickup system which requires all residents of Sikeston to have new trash toters.  Sonny's will be delivering these toters, which will replace any trash cans you are currently using.  Once you receive these toters, all trash must be placed in them or it will not be picked up.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Sonny's Solid Waste at 573-471-2869.Trash Toters_Sonnys II

Sonny’s Solid Waste FAQs 

  • Do I have to use the new toters?
    • As soon as Sonny’s delivers the new toter to your residence, all trash must be placed in that toter or it will not be picked up. Trash left in other cans or in bags on the curb will not be picked up.  
  • Why can’t I use my own can?
    • All toters will be provided by Sonny’s since the trash trucks are now automated. Other cans cannot be picked up by the automated trucks and generally are not tough enough to survive modern automated pick up systems.
  • Why aren’t you going to pick up in alleys anymore?
    • There are several reasons that trash won’t be picked up at the alleys anymore. First, most of the alleys are not large enough to accommodate modern automated trucks. Second, removing the heavy trash trucks from the alleys will help improve the condition of the alleys. Finally, moving the pickup to the street side in the new toters will help keep our streets and alleys cleaner. 

  • What if I previously bought a toter from Sonny’s?
    • If you have a green can from Sonny’s they will not work since the trucks are automated.  If you have purchased a red toter from Sonny’s, you may use those for overruns during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. 

  • What can I do with my old trash can that can’t be used with the new system?
    • If you wish to dispose of your old can, place it inside the new toter on trash day and it will be dumped with the rest of the trash. If it is too large to fit inside the new toter please call Sonny’s (573-471-2869) and they will arrange a time to come pick it up and dispose of it separately. 

  • What if I can’t fit all my trash in one toter?
    • Additional toters may be purchased for a $9.00 per month fee directly from Sonny’s. Contact Sonny’s directly at (573) 471-2869. 

  • What if that happens just once or twice a year?  
    • If you have new red toter that was previously purchased from Sonny’s, you may use that for overruns during the Christmas and new Year Holidays. 

  • What if the toter is too big for my needs?
    • All provided toters are 96 gallons and are the only acceptable toter for trash pickup. 
  • Will Sonny’s own the toter or will the property owner/renter own the toter?
    • Toters are owned and maintained by Sonny’s and must be left at the property when the current owner or tenant moves away. 
  • What if my toter is damaged or stolen?
    • If a toter is stolen then Sonny’s will provide a new toter at no expense. If a second toter is stolen, then the resident is responsible for paying for a replacement. The toters will have the resident’s address on them to make it harder to get away with stealing. If a toter is damaged by Sonny’s, then Sonny’s will replace it at no charge. If a resident damages a toter, then the resident will be responsible for paying for a replacement. 
  • Can residents write their address on their toter?
    • All toters will already have the resident’s address marked on them upon delivery. 
  • Why are the rates going up?
    • The City recently put the solid waste services out to bid after the previous contract expired. The service is competitively bid on a regular basis, and the City selects the best bid based on the level of service and price. Increased operating costs of solid waste pickup and the new automated system were factors in rates being increased. 
  • What recycling options will be available?

               There will be three drop off locations available for residents who wish to recycle: (Sonny's Solid Waste Headquarters on Smith Street will continue to be available for drop off no less than eight (8) hours per week)

               After the new trash toters are transitioned into service, Sonny's will be establishing two new 24/7 drop off locations at Fire Station #1 (North West Street) and Fire Station #3 (Ables Road).

               Residents who want curbside recycling service may purchase this service directly from Sonny’s. Curbside service will be available for one (1) pickup per month at an additional fee of $8.00 per month. Sonny’s will bill dwelling unit separately for this service and will provide a separate container for recyclables. Contact Sonny’s directly at (573) 471-2869.