Snow Removal

Snow Plow Clearing Ice and SnowDuring a snow event, the City is divided into four quadrants with the City's four snowplows working simultaneously.  Street and Park Division personnel work 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week until the streets are passable.  Streets are prioritized with major arteries, hills and curves being the first to be treated and cleared.

The Street Department will be working in the following priority order:

 Murray Lane  Compress  Delores  Ford
 Butler  Wakefield  Troy  Virginia
 William  Helen  Salcedo at Ingram  Smith
 North West  Ables Road  N. Ingram  Butler
 Willow  Watson  Heath  Hilltop
 Bynum  Dye  Tanner  Kennedy
 S. Kingshighway  Cambridge  N. Kingshighway  N. Ingram
 Salcedo  Salcedo (Main to Kingshighway)    
 Major Streets
 (West of Main)    
 Kingshighway  Wakefield  Baker Lane (Davis to Allen)  Henning
 New Madrid  Helen  Cleveland (Allen to Davis)  Stalcup
 Murray Lane  Tanner  Moore (Main to Woodlawn)  Branum
 South West  West North  Alabama (North to Washington)  Greenbriar
 North West  Rose Parkway  School Street  Euclid
 Larcel  Compress  Carroll (Murray to Butler)  Vaughn
 Gladys  Sunset  Clayton  Salcedo (Main to Kingshighway)
Allen Blvd  Butler  Malcolm
(Murray to William)
Westview Drive  Ridge Drive  Lawrence  John R. Blvd
Bollweevil Blvd  Greer  Jackson
(Malcolm to Jaycee)
 Davis Blvd
Laurelwood   Brushwick  Lindenwood  Calvary
 N. Ranney  Jaycee  Sikes  Schools
Downtown Area  RR Crossings    
 Major Streets  (East of Main)    
 Salcedo (Main to  Ingram)  Industrial Dr  Illinois (Ables to County Line)  Plaza
Helen  Marion  Kathleen (Dona to Missouri)  Gladys
 S. Ingram  County Line  Gladys (Dona to Selma)  Pine
 N. Ingram  Glenn  Stoneville (George Day to  Plantation)  Ashley
 Ables Road  Mitchell  RR Crossings  Fourth
 Broadway  Garwood  Schools  Lillian
 Anderson  Applegate  George E. Day  Missouri
 Plantation  Lynual  Kathleen to Missouri  Harlene
 Columbine  Cambridge  Edward (Main to Garwood)  Brunt
 Greer  Linn  Courtney (Pine to Elm)  Henry
 Twitty  Dona  Elm (Courtney to Virginia)  Smith
 Kennedy  Reuben  Dudley (Plaza to Sikes)  Selma
 Crowe  Keystone  Sikes (Main to Dudley)  Campanella (Linn to Park)
 Lake (Main to Lillian)      
 School Route      
 One plow in Section A  (West of Main, North of  Malone)    
 One plow in Section B  (East of Main, North of  Malone)    
 One Plow in Section C  (West of Main, South of  Malone)    
 One Plow in Section D  (East of Main, South of  Malone)