Recycling Program

In order to give the residents of Sikeston an opportunity to drop off and dispose of their recycling goods, Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center at 451 Smith St. have recycling bin located by Firestation #1 on the corner of North West Street and Compress Road.

In conjunction with the City's Compost Site, Sonny's Solid Waste willl furnish a 20-yard recycling box at our Compost Site located on Compress Road.  Recycling materials can be dropped off during normal Compost hours.  Click
here for the Compost hours of operation.
Single stream recycling is a sort-free system.  Labels are acceptable but any food residue should be rinsed clean.  The following recyclables (excluding glass) are acceptable:
     *Corrugated cardboard, gray board/chipboard, including soda, cereal and frozen pizza boxes
     *Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail and paper
     *Aluminum, steel and tin (no soda cans)
     *Household plastic containers (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
     *Plastic shopping bags (#2) and newspaper sleeves (#4)

The following items are NOT accepted:
     *Garbage bags
     *Plastic wrap or waxed paper
     *Pet food bags
     *Hazardous waste and pesticide containers
     *Packing peanuts or bubble wrap
     *Plastics labeled "PLA"
     *Plastic utensils
     *Hardcover books
     *Paper plates, cups, towels and napkins
     *Tissues, diapers, toilet paper
     *Take-out food containers
     *Foil-lined items such as cookie and chip bags
      *Soda Cans (these can be dropped off at recycle bins located at the corner of Smith & Applegate or behind the YMCA)

If you have any additional questions regarding the Recycling Program, please contact Sonny's Solid Waste at 573-471-2869.