Rental Property Information

The City Council of the City of Sikeston has found it to be in the best interest of its citizens to preserve the quality of its housing inventory and to protect its neighborhoods from neglect and deterioration which act as a threat to health, safety and the welfare of its people and places.

The City Council has been working with rental property owners and tenants to upgrade the rental housing stock in our community.  In this effort our concerns have been three-fold:

  1. Support the rental housing industry within our community
  2. Establish and maintain a minimum quality of rental housing for our residents
  3. Maintain and improve the quality of our neighborhoods

All of these efforts work toward improving the quality of life for our citizens, whether they own or rent their homes.  Towards these efforts, the City fully implemented the Rental Property Minimum Housing Quality Standards Ordinance, effective December 1, 2000.  This ordinance requires all rental property owners to register their property and tenants with the City of Sikeston by January 31st of each year.

The accomplishment of the City's goals will require the cooperation of our landlords.  To achieve this cooperation, it is vital the lines of communication between all parties; landlords, tenants, residents and the City remain open.

Rental Property Defined
Rental Property is defined by ordinance as any property that is not owner occupied.  This also includes units occupied by family members and structures that are vacant and/or condemned.

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Rental Housing Registration for Trailer Houses

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