Bids & Quotes

The City of Sikeston is required by law and sound business practice to purchase services, materials and supplies by use of competitive bidding. Every effort is made to prepare concise bid specifications, and to award bids to the lowest and best bidder.      

To be placed on the City of Sikeston’s vendor list, firms should send an introduction letter and copies of literature or catalogs pertaining to products or services to City of Sikeston, 105 E. Center Street, Sikeston MO, "Attention to [Department you are seeking bids for]". 
All vendors remain on the City’s active vendor list for one (1) year. If a firm does not respond to a request for bid or quotation during this one (1) year period, their name may be removed from the vendor list.

Current Bids & Quotes


The City of Sikeston is seeking bids to replace drainage pipes at 7 locations into Lateral C of St. John’s Bayou.  All pipes will be put back to existing grade and reconnected to existing boxes.  Flap gates are to be included on outlet ends.  The City is seeking bids with two options:  Corrugated Metal Pipe and Polypropylene Pipe. The sealed bids will be received at the Office of the City Clerk, 105 E. Center Street, Sikeston, Missouri 63801, until 1:30 PM, Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Bids should have the vendor’s name and the bid number located on the outside of the envelope.

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