Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides a wide range of operations and support functions for the City. The Director of Administrative Services oversees the offices of the City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Collector, Human Resources and IT.  This department oversees the financial accounting systems including accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking, investments, payroll, purchasing, and taxation.  Administrative Services ensures compliance with city personnel and purchasing policies and procedures, maintains official city records, files, and assessments.  Administrative Services is also responsible for telephone communications as well as computer support, maintenance and technical issues.

Office Location & Contact Information:
105 E. Center Street
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: 573-471-2512
Fax: 573-471-1526

Director of Administrative Services/City Clerk - Carroll Couch
Department Head position with oversight responsibility for the offices and functions of City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Collector, and Human Resources Offices. 
Personnel within the City Clerk’s Division are responsible for municipal elections, the recording and retention of all Council actions and documents, personnel and purchasing administration; and the preparation and analysis of municipal financial reports.

City Treasurer Division - Karen Bailey, City Treasurer
The City Treasurer is responsible for all City funds. Personnel within this division oversee municipal investments, make payments on municipal debts and outstanding accounts; oversee the City’s risk-loss programs; and assist the Director of Administrative Services with the preparation of financial reports.  This division also oversees the receptionist duties.

City Collector Division – Vicky Lewis, City Collector
Personnel within this division are responsible for the collection and timely deposit of all municipal taxes, licensing, and fees.

Human Resources - Karen Bailey, Director
This department is responsible for overseeing the hiring process and maintaining all employee records.

IT Division - Sam Villagrana, Network Administrator
Personnel within this division oversees and monitors non-emergency telephone and cellular communications.  They also provide information technology support and development including the maintenance of the City’s local and wide-area networks.