Council Actions - January 29, 2018

During today’s Council meeting, the following actions were taken:
A.  Council appointed Susan Howle Werner to the Scott County Extension Council.
B.  Council approved Bill #6083, Replat of Belz*Burrow’s, 2nd Addition.  This is the lot where Simply Swirled was located.
C.  Conducted 1st Reading of Bill #6086 regarding taxicab services, specifically signage on city approved taxicabs which is inconsistent in the manner of display and application methods. 
D.  Conducted 1st Reading of Bill #6087 for an agreement with MoDOT to install battery backup units at 6 traffic signal locations.  This agreement would have the City provide the materials and MODOT to install and maintain them.  Any future battery costs will be divided 50/50.  The cost of these 6 units is $23,100 and is included in this year’s budget.
E.  Parks & Recreation Director Dustin Care gave a briefing on the possible future purchase of a digital sign for the Recreation Complex.  This sign will promote recreational opportunities offered by the Parks & Recreation Department, various sports leagues and can also be used to generate potential revenue by  charging a fee for renters of the Clinton Building to display their events.  The projected cost for this sign is $32,000, which is $7,000 over budget.
F.  City Manager Jonathan Douglass briefed Council on the possible locations for recycling drop off containers.  The City’s contract with Sonny’s Solid Waste calls for three recycling containers to be placed in the city.  Possible locations were Fire Stations 1 & 3 and at Sonny’s headquarters on Smith St.  While looking into the location at Fire Station #3, it was determined that this location was not well suited to house a recycling container (space not large enough).  The old Essex Building was mentioned as a possible alternative to Fire Station #3 or maybe somewhere close to Lowe’s.
G.  City Manager Douglass informed Council that the City’s audit for FY17 financials have been completed by Bucher, Essner and Miles, L.L.C. and is available on our website, The auditor’s report expresses the opinion that the city’s financial statements “present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position” of the city’s funds.
There being no other items, the meeting was adjourned into Executive Session for Property and Personnel.