Free Pesticide Collection for Missouri Farmers and Households - June 24, 2017

Missouri DNR will accept all pesticides including: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, dewormers, fly tags and fertilizer containing pesticides.

WHEN:  June 24, 2017 - 8 AM-Noon
WHERE:  DeWitt Auction Co., 220 DeWitt Dr., Sikeston

For questions contact C.J. Plassmeyer, 573-751-0616 or visit  (Pesticides from businesses will not be accepted.)

How to safely transport your waste pesticides:
   1. Wear nitrile or chemical resistant gloves when handling waste pesticides
    2.  Do not smoke while handling or transporting pesticides
    3.  Avoid bringing children or pets to the collection site
    4.  Keep waste pesticides in original containers
   5.  Do not mix unwanted pesticides with other materials like used motor oil or antifreeze
    6.  Label materials that are not in original containers
    7.  Make sure lids are tightly sealed
  8.  If the container is leaking, place the container into a larger container with a  non-flammable absorbent, such as clay-based cat box filler, to absorb any possible leaks
   9.  Secure waste pesticides upright in a cardboard box during transport
  10.  Transport waste pesticides in the back of a pickup truck, trailer or car trunk
 11.  Keep flammables out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat

The hazardous waste contractor will unload the waste pesticides from your vehicle at the collection event.  Please stay in your vehicle until the contractor asks for your assistance.