Council Actions - March 16, 2017

During City Council’s March 16, 2017 meeting the following actions were taken:
  1. Solid Waste & Recycling Services RFP:  The RFP submission deadline was changed to 3 PM, Friday, April 14.  Council will award this contract on May 22.
  2. Airport Farm Lease:  A 3-year cash farm lease was awarded to Blake Wade d/b/a T.B. Wade Farms. The annual rent payment will be $4,144.40.
  3. Fire Station 3 Roof Repairs:  Riverside Roofing Company, LLC was awarded the contract to install a new roof for a cost of $30,822. Work will begin in 2 weeks.
  4. Purchase of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA):  Sentinel Emergency Solutions was awarded the bid for $355,788.86. The City will replace 71 firefighter masks and 43 air bottles with accessories.  Of this amount all but $16,943 will be paid by a FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grant.
  5. Appointment to DED Executive Board:  Councilman Gerald Settles will fill the vacancy created by the passing of Bob Depro.
  6. Re-adoption of Fair Housing Policy:  The first reading of Bill 6050 was completed.  Council will act on this measure during their March 27 meeting.
  7. Other Business:  Council Reorganization - Following the April election Council must reorganize.  This will occur during their 8 AM meeting on April 17.  
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.  Council’s next meeting will convene at 11:30 AM, March 27.