City Manager/Governmental Services

JDouglass  Jon “JD” Douglass began his service as Sikeston’s City Manager in December 2013. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Jon earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Texas A&M University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas. He came to Sikeston from the City of Lawrence, Kansas, where he worked in the City Manager's Office for eight years. Jon is married with five children and he enjoys fishing, hiking, sports and other activities with his family.



 Governmental Services is responsible for the administration of all city affairs.  This department directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the city.  The department is divided into three divisions, City Manager, City Counselor, and Municipal Court.

Location and Contact Information:
City Hall
105 E. Center Street
Sikeston MO 63801
Phone: (573) 471-2512
Fax: (573) 471-1526

City Hall Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Director of Governmental Services - Linda L. Lowes
In addition to providing support services to the Council and City Manager, the Department of Governmental Services coordinates intra-departmental services and policies.  Rhonda Council serves as the department's Administrative Assistant.

City Manager Division
Personnel within this division provide administrative assistance to the City Manager and City Council.  Additionally, this Division monitors the routine professional, contractual, maintenance, and operational services that affect all departments of the City; oversees and monitors non-emergency telephone and cellular communications; provides information technology support and development including the maintenance of the City’s local and wide-area networks, and internal and external web sites. This Division also assists the City Manager/Council in research, policy development, and special projects.

City Counselor Division – Chuck Leible, City Attorney
Provides legal advice and guidance, on non-criminal matters, to the Manager, Council, and Department Heads.  Represents the City in all courts of record.  Drafts, upon the direction of the City Manager or his designee, ordinances, contracts, agreements and other legal documents, as necessary.  (City Counselor is appointed by the City Manager in consultation with the City Council)

Municipal Court Division – Frank Marshall, Judge; Ryan "Kye" Lawrence, Prosecuting Attorney
The Municipal Judge, Prosecuting Attorney and Court Staff are responsible for the adjudication of municipal ordinance and traffic violations, and the collection of all fines and costs assessed by the Court.
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